On your wedding day I naturally capture as much candid emotion and vivid detail in an unobtrusive manner. I use a more fun but traditional approach to blend formal and family photographs. The resulting
images become storybook that tells your story from start to finish.

I’m currently in my tenth year of photographing both eastern and western weddings, and still retain the love and excitement for every event. I have experience shooting weddings inside and outside of California and travel has always added the allure for me. I’m creative, resourceful, dependable, artistic and very adaptable to style or circumstance— I take inspiration from everything around me— movies, art, books, photographers I admire, and real life events and small details of everyday life. My photography can easily shift between intimate and formal, however my preference lies with the candid and contemporary. I’m easy to work with and pride myself in the ability to work without being intrusive so you may enjoy your day with minimal interruption.